By Luke Lindsay

I have travelled to Vietnam several times and really love the country. I have always used visa on arrival and it works excellent if you travel by air. It is cheaper (at least in my country Canada) than going the local embassy and getting your visa there. And you don't have the hassle with sending in your passport. You just bring the approval letter you get when you travel and show it at tthe Immigration Zone (VISA UPON ARRIVAL) at the airport in Vietnam and the get your visa stamp there.

I have used 3 different online agencies and they all have worked really well. It took about 1-2 days getting the approval letter. Search for visa on arrival to Vietnam on any search engine and you will find many agencies that can do this for you.

The last time I travelled to Vietnam (in July 27th 2013) I forgot applying visa on arrival and Viajes del Bambú helped me out and got me an urgent visa on arrival just within 4 hours. I had enough time to catch my flight and my trip was safe from flight refusal of check-in without this visa letter. What made me be a loyal of this travel agent is its reliability and treating the clients so much different from others I used before, they never charged me the visa letter in advance but solved our case first and I could pay them once I was in Vietnam.

I definitely recommend them and you can send them the request to their email  or find more information through this link: